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One degree difference in a weather forecast could save the U.S. at least one billion dollars annually in electric costs.  Imagine how that forecast accuracy effects energy commodity trading.

MDA Weather Services has been consulting for weather-sensitive commodity interests for over forty years.  The energy group developed concurrent with the deregulation of natural gas in the early 1990s and is now the largest commodity-support group at MDA Weather Services.  

With products like DynaCAST, an analog forecasting interface that enables the user to create maps for temperature, precipitation volatility, weighted degree days, crop production, and hub height winds, and our Wind Generation Forecast product, MDA stays ahead of our competition and provides our customers with the innovative tools they need to make decisions that mitigate their risks.  

  • Worldwide hourly and daily energy specific forecasting
  • Cooling Degree Days (CDDs)/ Heating Degree Days (HDDs)
  • Balance a Month Forecast
  • Seasonal forecast
  • Load modeling
  • Demand and price forecasting
  • Hurricane forecasting

Highlighted Products:
US Basic Energy
Power WxDesk