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MDA Weather Services delivers clients the most accurate weather and power forecasts, utilizing its superior expertise an broad experience in every aspect of their services

MDA Weather Services has been supplying the gas and power industries with the most accurate and reliable weather information since their respective deregulations and holds the largest market share of weather vendors in the commodity trading and hedging industry - both in agriculture and energy.  Through sound attention to science, intense focus on superior customer service, and providing optimal solutions to customers' unique demands, MDA Weather Services has established itself as a trusted vendor within the energy weather community.

Worldwide Hourly and Daily Energy-Specific Forecasting
Cooling Degree Days (CDDs)/ Heating Degree Days (HDDs)
Balance of Month Forecast
Seasonal Outlooks
Hourly Load Modeling
Tropical Forecasts and Outlooks

Highlighted Products:
US Basic Energy
Power WxDesk