Electro-Optical (EO) / Infrared (IR) Sensor Technology

Increase the effective resolution of almost any imaging system

MDA specializes in advanced algorithm and processing techniques for EO and IR systems increasing the effective resolution and improving image quality of almost any sensor system or reducing the cost of a new system by utilizing smaller, less expensive optics.   

See clearer and farther with MDA's EO and IR sensors

  • See clearer, sharper images from existing optics improving detection, tracking, identification and characterization of still images or full motion video
  • Remove environmental effects in real time from full motion video, including atmospheric turbulence-induced distortions due to heat, wind, rain and snow 
  • Make informed timely decisions faster
  • Collect data, make decisions and operate your business or team when your competitors or adversaries are blind

MDA's advanced optics labs and sensor prototyping capabilities incorporate state-of-the-art techniques into new optics sensors

Benefits include:

  • Superior image quality from a sensor occupying the same integration volume
  • Significantly less cost for equivalent image quality, making new markets more affordable – such as the burgeoning UAV market

Multi-frame image restoration.

MDA algorithms process a pair of blurred images and simultaneously provide data to make calibration changes
to improve image quality of future image collection.


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