Wednesday, 05 July, 2017

Heat and Dryness Continue to Reduce Yields for Northern Plains Spring Wheat

 GAITHERSBURG, MD - (July 5, 2017) Very warm and dry conditions have been plaguing spring wheat across the Northern U.S. Plains, and yield potential continues to decline. Highs have topped 100 F in northeastern Montana, northern South Dakota, and southern North Dakota over the past few days, and rainfall has been quite limited across the majority of the region for the last two months. “The forecast doesn’t bode well for relief anytime soon,” says Don Keeney, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist for MDA Weather Services. Temperatures are expected to remain well above normal across the region for at least the next two weeks, and rainfall should remain rather sparse also. “Spring wheat is pushing through the moisture-sensitive heading stage, and additional significant reductions in yield potential are likely as the hot and dry pattern remains in place,” said Keeney.

Highest maximum temperatures for July 5-19

% Normal precipitation outlook for July 5-19

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