Thursday, 01 March, 2018

Significant Dryness across Central Plains Winter Wheat Belt

GAITHERSBURG, MD - (March 1, 2018) Precipitation has been very limited across the central and southwestern Plains throughout this winter, and severe to extreme drought is prevalent in central and southern Kansas, southeastern Colorado, western Kansas, and northwestern Texas. In fact, it has been the driest winter on record in Amarillo, TX and Garden City, KS, and one of the driest winters on record in Dodge City, KS and Lubbock, TX. This has resulted in subpar crop conditions for wheat in many areas, and the outlook for the next few weeks does not look promising for any significant relief. “The forecast for the next three weeks shows more of the same, with moisture receipts expected to remain well below normal for these areas,” said Don Keeney, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist for Radiant Solutions. “Wheat will be emerging from dormancy over the next few weeks, and the very dry soils will allow crop conditions to deteriorate further.” Meanwhile, precipitation should remain active across the northern fringes of the belt in Nebraska and northeastern Colorado, which will improve wheat conditions there.  

Left: Precip % Normal 12/1/17- 2/28/18 Right: Current Subsoil Departure from Normal, 3/1/2018 
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